Three Little Piglets

So into week 6 we go! Another red hot night on the Astro with tough battles, tempers flaring, and more fouls than a Millwall Sunday league match. Oh and Piglet was there. Three cheers for Piglet!

First up was top of  the table FC Winterfell versus FC Snorkel, with Winterfell looking to keep their place at the top of the table. A win for the Snorkel would see them jump up the table but was it to be…..

Well the long and short if it is no. FC Winterfell continued their unbeaten run despite the best efforts of a rather physical FC Snorkel side, who appear to be losing their cool a little with the results not going their way.

The game started off fairly cagey with both sides passing the ball around well, but cancelling each other out in the process. Luke Howells Piglet cut a frustrated figure in the middle of the park, and with the crowd jeering anything that went wrong for the midfielder he began to lose his rag. Winterfell seemed to be getting the better chances, so it was no surprise when Jake Trahar Piglet stepped up and put Winterfell in front.

Soon after Winterfell found themselves a man down with Casey Jones Piglet being sent to the bin for chatting shit to the referee. It was clear Topper was in no mood for nonsense. Neither was he in the mood to wear an orange vest, as he made Winterfell boys cover up their brand new black kit with smelly vests so he could show off his suntan in his Adidas top he bought in Benidorm Market. Snorkel soon found themselves two goals down despite them having the extra man as Jake Trahar Piglet scored a second. The Snorkel got one back through a great header by Morgan Rees Piglet which got the Snorks wound up again.

Despite all this, the Snorkel could do no more and Winterfell soon added a third goal through Rhys Williams Piglet. Tempers boiled over just before the final whistle with when Morgan Rees Piglet should have seen a red card for kicking out at Casey Jones Piglet for his Neymar roll. Luckily for him the incident went un-noticed by the referee who was busy planning who he could sin bin in the next game.

Second up saw the Pique Blinders take on the Young Arabs. The Blinders fielded a slightly weakened side, as did the Arabs, but the game didn’t disappoint. Blackie Piglet was clearly blowing out of his arse after Celtic training, while Boydell Very Snr Piglet took a smash to the noggin which couldn’t have made his game any worse, but it bloody hurt! Neither team really got out of the blocks, and despite an early lead for the blinders courtesy of Lloyd Ham Piglet was soon equalised by Steffan Roberts Piglet. A mistake soon after by Cory Nicholas Piglet got the Blinders back in front after playing a back pass that goalkeeper Camron Goeorge Piglet couldn’t collect and ended up in the net. Bacon Piglet was tamping about that especially given that Boydell Snr Piglet had clearly handled the ball just beforehand, and felt he should have had a free kick.

Topper found his next sin bin victim in Owen Wanklyn Piglet who was binned for dissent following a perfectly legitimate tackle by Rob Boydell Piglet, who was surprised not to get the advantage played after winning the ball and was well on his way into the Arabs half. With Wanklyn Piglet having a low contribution anyway, The Arabs went balls out and pressed on to make it 2-2 through another Steff Roberts Piglet effort and a few minutes before the end when it was clear that fitness played a part, the Arabs made it 3-2 via Keane Watts Piglet. The Blinders yet again let slip a decent lead. You never know which Blinders are going to turn up week from week as they go from scoring 7 to scraping 2 goals.

The third and last game saw the rising Wootton Wanderers take on the bottom feeders Honey Badger FC. This despite the gulf in points was never going to be too easy for the Wanderers and Stupid Steve kept Jam Jar quiet for the first 15 minutes, and for once the striker/defender size difference was negligible especially taking into account Steve’s new loved up belly. It wasn’t too long though before the Wanderers broke the deadlock through Milva with a usually neat strike, followed by strikes by Lewis Miles and a deadly strike from forward Jamie Wootton. The Badgers responded through Angry Lloyd Jenkins who was keen to win back the ball in every situation, as well as team-mate Lloyd Williams. Wootton added his second, and the Badgers responded once more. The Badgers weren’t going down without a fight.

Despite his contribution the last few weeks, Pricey didn’t appear to be missed too much as other players stepped up to fill the void. The Woolf added another, as did Barry Arms to make it 6-2, which was quickly followed by a hat-trick goal for Jam Jar after collecting the ball on his chest (not sure which part of that chest– he didn’t tell me to write this honest :-D) turning Stupid Steve and his belly (definitely didn’t say that bit), and hitting the top corner of the net, much to Steve’s annoyance. To be fair the guy had been to the Gym and Rugby Training (Blackie – two training sessions and then football!) you need to raise your game!! The Wanderers are chasing down FC Winterfell and only find themselves 2 points adrift. Week 7 sees them face each other in what could be the tournament deciding match. If it ends all square it could open up the opportunity for the Young Arabs to head back into 2nd position just a point behind Winterfell.

It’s all still to play for gents!!

Presentation Evening

We haven’t done this for a few years but we’re keen to get a presentation evening done this year – possibly the week before August BH weekend. Please get in touch with your relevant team captains to confirm if your team would like to get involved. It’ll be in the Celtic..obvs, time to be confirmed.