You Wootton believe your eyes

So were up to week 4 and the table is being swapped around like a hungry woman at a swingers party.

This week’s MFL saw FC Winterfell vs Young Arabs, Honey Badgers vs FC Snorkel and finally the Pique Blinders take on Wootton Wanderers

After a pretty low scoring week 3, what could the teams pull off this week? Especially with the new addition of the action cam behind the goals. Would we see more selfishness by strikers wanting to score the ultimate goal or would it be another low scoring week in the MFL? The answer is a bit of both!

Game one saw the top of the table clash between unbeaten FC Winterfell and the Young Arabs. With Winterfell looking to hang on to that top spot, and the chasing Arabs looking to ruin their party, it was either going to be belter of a game, or very cagey. Truth is it wasn’t either. Both teams went full steam ahead but it only meant they cancelled each other out. Winterfell looked a little under strength with star man Tom Atyeo and Croeserws Connor “Tyrian Lannister” Thomas missing from the line-up which meant creatively Winterfell looked like they were struggling. Conversely the Young Arabs were again putting some lovely football together, but as usual Christian the Lizard Davies had other ideas making some fantastic saves and earning himself a MoM award in the process.

Rhys “Jack Whitehall” Williams and Casey Jones both netted for the men in white, while Keane Watts was on fine form for the Young Arabs and drove home two lovely strikes for his brace, bringing The Arabs back into the game after some shady time wasting tactics from Winterfell saw the ball leave he pitch more than it ever has. The game got feisty in the closing moments and both Cory ‘Bacon’ Nicholas and Alex Thomas saw the sin bin as Topper looked to gain control of the match. So all even at the end meaning both teams remain neck and neck at the top of the table with just goal difference separating them. Winterfell seem to be clinging on to that top spot, who will knock them off their perch??

Second up was The Badgers and Snorkel. The Badgers looked to have more depth to their squad this weeks with the return of Angry Lloyd teaming up in midfield with Keano. Would it be enough to see off the Snorkel who were missing talisman Lewis Kingdon? Who, along with Luke Howells and Butterbean Whelan, have been controlling games in the past few weeks, or could Smucker and his new pal Icky, who was taking a break from Love Island, make up the difference.

Butterbean Whelan hit the onion bag twice to get himself a brace while Smucker yet again proved that route one can work if done well getting the 3rd goal. The MFL would love to write about the scorers for the Badgers, but we simply don’t know who scored….Edit…..We do remember Keano hitting top bins in the first half to kick off the goals! It was a belter of a goal but unfortunately Badgers leader Twm hasn’t reported in the remaining scorers so were none the wiser. The match ended 3-3 which was a much needed point for the Badgers who can hopefully push on from here (and maybe report their scorers). Rumour has it that Twm only reports goals he scores but that rumour is unconfirmed. MOM for Ioan Jones awarded by the Snorkel who must be disappointed to not have come away with a win.

Game three of week four saw an in-form Pique Blinders side take on the yet to impress Wootton Wanderers. Captain Milva brought a gun to a knife fight and rolled out all his superstars for this encounter, and a rather lengthy pre-match team talk by Jam-Jar and Pricey meant that they were taking this fixture seriously. Could the Blinders pull off another performance like the last two weeks, or would the Wanderers finally get their rewards…

Right from the kickoff the Wanderers showed their intent, and bagged their first goal within 50 seconds. The Blinders were shell-shocked and conceded another quickly behind it, leaving them chasing the game before it even got started. Was this the Wanderers that we all expected to see from the beginning of the tournament? The Blinders struggled to get a foothold, Gump must need new daps as he struggled to make anything stick, and Slug was well… sluggish in the back after suffering with a chest complaint. Lewi was bounced off his head in one attack, and the few shots that the Blinders had were well saved by the new Wanderers GK. Compared to last week, the Blinders were woeful.

Eventually the Blinders settled into the game, and some substitutions freshened things up, but it was too little too late, and the more bodies the Blinders threw forward, the worse it got at the other end with another 3 hitting the back of the net for the Wanderers. Dale Price clearly made a difference to the team this week, and was like a bull running after everything, while captain Milva controlled the defence superbly. The Blinders now fall down the table despite a decent run of results. They are replaced in 3rd by the Wanderers who will be pleased to be firing on all cylinders. Maybe now Topper won’t need his ear defenders each week.

Just 7 points separate top and bottom, so still plenty to play for for all teams going into week 5.